WebVR Camp @ Open Labs - Event Report

Another WebVR Camp recently took place - this time at Open Labs in Tirana, Albania. These events, part of the Activate Mozilla campaign, happen all around the globe with the aim of raising awareness amongst interested parties.

Introducing A-Frame Introducing WebVR (photo by Andis Rado, CC BY-SA)

I was joined by Boris Budini and Arion Banishta, two highly energetic Mozillians and meanwhile high school students, who acted as co-speakers. We decided to follow an event layout similar to the WebVR Workshop that I had conducted at my university.

Boris began with introductions to Open Labs and Mozilla. He passed the torch to Arion who spoke about Virtual Reality and WebVR. We then presented several A-Frame demos to the audience. It was a complete hands-on experience, thanks to the mobile VR headsets we prepared for this occasion.

Demonstrating Git Workflow Demonstrating A-Frame (photo by Andis Rado, CC BY-SA)

Afterwards, participants made a dive into WebVR development with A-Frame. I introduced Git and its workflow, as well as GitHub. Everyone fetched the Hello WebVR demo, which they later customized. They pushed their code to their GitHub Pages repositories. Finally, they viewed their customized apps using mobile phones attached to VR headsets.

There was a full house at the WebVR Camp, something we were expecting. The atmosphere was very positive and the audience, mostly consisted of students, were very keen on exploring WebVR.

Thank you Mozilla Albania and Open Labs for hosting a solid event once more. See you soon!