WebVR Workshop @ UAegean - Event Report

WebVR Camps, which are part of the Activate Mozilla campaign, aim at raising awareness amongst developers. We decided to organize an event within the University of the Aegean in Samos island, Greece. It took place at fossaegean, the local free and open-source software student community space.

I began with introductions to Mozilla and Virtual Reality, continued with explaining some brief WebVR concepts and then presented A-Frame demos. This took quite some time as attendees were able to experience the demos on actual mobile VR headsets.

During the WebVR Workshop During the WebVR Workshop (photo by Zacharias Mitzelos, CC BY-SA)

It was then time for everybody to get their hands dirty. I briefly introduced Git and its workflow. Participants could customize the Hello WebVR demo, then commit and push their changes to their GitHub Pages repositories. This way they could easily access their WebVR app from any device, including their mobile phones attached to VR headsets.

To conclude, the event was a nice learning experience for everyone. We seek to take a deeper dive into WebVR development in the near future.