Mozilla Tech Speakers Tirana Training #2 - Event Report

Last minute changes can be quite interesting sometimes, as well as very challenging. Wednesday, 15 December 2016. I do recall sitting on my desk, when Elio Qoshi texted me. “Are you in Thessaloniki?”, he asked. I replied in the affirmative. “How can I convince you to come to Tirana tomorrow?”, he added. One of their speakers for the Mozilla Tech Speakers Tirana Training #2 had just canceled. Nobody would have actually been expecting me to step up like that, yet I was crazy enough to do it.

I took the bus from Thessaloniki. I arrived in Tirana early on Saturday morning, just a few hours before the actual event. Unfortunately, I had barely slept during the bus trip. However, there were some energy levels still left in me.

My talk was about the Firefox Developer Tools. It lasted approximately twenty (20) minutes. Breaking the ice, connecting with the audience and having an interactive session are some of my priorities, which is what I focused on this time again.

Presenting the Firefox Developer Tools Presenting the Firefox Developer Tools (photo by Andis Rado, CC BY-SA)

The audience was then split into working groups. Each group was tasked with providing feedback to the speakers. Receiving positive comments regarding my presence kept me extremely motivated. Their input was very helpful.

Tech Speakers Tirana Training #2 Group Tech Speakers Tirana Training #2 Group (photo by Andis Rado, CC BY-SA)

Later on, participants had the chance to present their own topic within ninety (90) seconds and exchange feedback. Apart from stepping outside the so-called comfort zone and getting new experiences, they also got away with some really nice prizes.

To conclude, this Tech Speakers Training proved to be an effective way of bringing people interested in Mozilla technologies and the open web together, to learn from each other and take their public speaking skills to the next level. Thanks Mozilla Albania and Open Labs for making it happen!