Mozilla Maker Party @ UAegean - Event Report

Last Saturday we held a Maker Party at the University of the Aegean in Samos island, Greece. Our effort was to increase awareness of the copyright law in the EU and worldwide, as well as present Creative Commons licenses.

We started off with an ice-breaking session. I handed two sheets of paper to each participant - I asked them to write down their names on the first sheet and then any question related to copyright on the second one. We ended up with very interesting discussions which apparently took up much more time than I had initially expected.

During the Maker Party During the Maker Party (photo by Zacharias Mitzelos, CC BY-NC-ND)

Later on, participants were given Creative Commons leaflets (translated into Greek) and I moved ahead with explaining the licenses.

The event was attended by approximately twenty (20) people in total. It lasted about one (1) hour. It was a very positive experience which we would love to repeat again.