Software Freedom Kosova 2016 - Event Report

Software Freedom Kosova Conference. One of the biggest of its kind in the Balkans region. The seventh (7th) edition took place this time between 21-23 October, in Pristina, Kosovo. Based on my personal estimation, it gathered approximately two hundred (200) participants.

SFK’16 was my first conference as a Mozilla TechSpeaker. Two (2) more fellow TechSpeakers were present, namely Elio Qoshi and Gabriel Mičko. In addition, several Mozillians from Albania and Kosovo helped keep the Mozilla community booth running.

My workshop was scheduled for Saturday. It was an interactive showcase of the Firefox Developer Tools and was attended by around fifteen (15) people, a number which was slightly discouraging. Most of them were students with an ICT background and showed interest.

During the Firefox Developer Tools Workshop During the Firefox Developer Tools Workshop (photo by Kreshnik Ukiqi, CC BY-SA)

On Sunday, Elio held a Mozilla Open Design Workshop - which turned out a full house. Gabriel then presented WebRTC, including demos. Later that day, we organized a short, yet effective, Mozilla community meetup. Two (2) people expressed their willingness to contribute; will soon follow-up with them to discuss opportunities as well as plan ahead.

The SFK'16 Crowd The SFK’16 Crowd (photo by Kreshnik Ukiqi, CC BY-SA)

All in all, my presence in SFK’16 was a positive experience, although I was hoping the audience would have been larger and more diverse. Nevertheless, it is good to see the community growing.