Open Labs Fedora Meetup #5 - Event Report

Traveling abroad: I always choose to make the most out of it!

Prior to participating at SFK’16 in Pristina, Kosovo, I made a stop in Tirana, Albania and helped organise a local Fedora Meetup. It was the fifth (5th) meetup for Fedora Albania, a community which has been growing rapidly over the last three (3) years.

New and old faces made their entrance that day. How did we make sure participants got to know each other in such a short period of time? A customized speed networking session proved useful.

Preparing for the speed networking session Preparing for the speed networking session (photo by Andis Rado, CC BY-SA)

As time passed by, more people kept coming. We then moved forward with planning the next community activities. Approx. two (2) Fedora Localization Sprints take place every month. A new co-ordinator for the Albanian language group is to be determined. At least one (1) more Fedora Meetup will be held in November or December. Fedora 25 Release Party is also around the corner. Last but not least, two (2) significantly large local events will have a strong Fedora presence: the Linux Weekend and OSCAL 2017.

A healthy and growing community! A healthy and growing community! (photo by Andis Rado, CC BY-SA)

The event ended with an open Q&A session. Several people expressed their interest in contributing to the Fedora Project.

It is amazing to feel how far this community has progressed. Thank you Fedora Albania. Even better things are coming, I have no doubt!