MozCafé Tirana #6 - Event Report

A few days ago I traveled to Albania in order to participate at FOSSCamp Balkans 2016. Along with local Mozillians, we thought of planning a MozCoffee event in Tirana right afterwards. This seemed a great opportunity to bring the local community together, discuss and plan ahead.

Wednesday, 31st August 2016. 5pm. Open Labs Hackerspace, home of Mozilla Albania.

Seventeen (17) people showed up in total, three (3) of which were both Mozillians and Mozilla Reps (Elio Qoshi, Kristi Progri and Redon Skikuli).

We started with a quick ice-breaking session, where attendees introduced themselves. Many of them had apparently attended multiple Mozilla events in the past.

During the SWOT Analysis session During the SWOT Analysis session (photo by Andis Rado, CC BY-SA)

We moved on with the SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. In plain words, it is a framework, a method, that helps identify important internal and external factors for reaching objectives. Everyone was asked to write their own thoughts and feedback on sticky notes, which we then posted on a whiteboard. The context of those was further analyzed before conclusions were reached. You may find a quick wrap-up here.

Thirty (30) minutes later, Elio, Kristi and I jumped into the final call for the second (2nd) phase of the Mozilla TechSpeakers program.

Keeping the Mozilla banner flying high! Keeping the Mozilla banner flying high! (photo by Andis Rado, CC BY-SA)

Once again, it was a pleasure working together with these fine folks. I wish them all the best with their current and future activities; I will always be around should they need any support. Same applies for every other community, not only within but also outside the region.

PS: For the record, I have recently become a Mozilla Reps Regional Coach. I see myself as a liaison, bridging regional communities with the project’s leadership. This MozCoffee enabled me to interact with contributors, exchange recent experiences and also to collect their thoughts and feedback. In my opinion, true coaching should be done in-person, as it empowers and motivates coachees. The program is still on its early stage, so let’s find new ways to make it better and more effective.