EMEA Sponsorship Program for Flock 2016

In the past we have had a tradition of sponsoring EMEA contributors that would like to attend Flock but are not going to receive funding as speakers.

The allocated budget for this year was only $800, initially. The adjusted budget is even less. As we wish to assist as many contributors in need as possible, we are going to try and raise that budget. However, no promises made at this point.

This program is intended for contributors that currently reside in EMEA. Other regions may feel free to come up with similar programs for their contributors as they see fit. Priority will be given to contributors that have recently maintained a record of activity and also have some kind of work agenda for the conference (e.g. meet with fellow contributors, actively contribute on site).

In any case, the budget we are going to end up with will be limited. Most likely we will be able to offer only -partial- subsidies. Do not apply if you are not okay with that. If you are able to receive funding from other sources (e.g. your employer), please do so.

To request for sponsorship, file a ticket on the EMEA Trac, state the reason(s) for applying and what you expect to accomplish by attending the conference. Deadline should be July 5, 23:59:59 UTC +0. All tickets will be later evaluated by FAmSCo, same as last time.

We will get back to you once we have more information regarding the budget. Please spread the news to your fellow Fedorians.

Thank you and good luck!