Running for FAmSCo

I have been a Fedora Ambassador for six (6) years so far. I joined in December 2009, when I was fourteen (14) years old at that time. This probably makes me one of the youngest people to ever join the Project, and especially the Fedora Ambassadors. Over these years I have been part of numerous activities, from representing Fedora at conferences to supporting regional communities.

I decided to run for FAmSCo and bring some fresh new energy to the project. You may read my full interview, which is available on the Fedora Community Blog. I encourage you to carefully read all interviews -from each one candidate- before voting.

Also, a reminder that the voting period closes promptly at 23:59:59 UTC on Monday, December 14th. All Fedora contributors are eligible to participate. You may visit this page to do so.

I wish good luck to all candidates!