How Is Fossaegean Doing?

I have been enrolled at the University of the Aegean for more than two years so far. It is a multi-campus university located in six (6) Greek islands: Chios, Lemnos, Lesvos, Rhodes, Samos and Syros. The Dept. of Information & Communication Systems Engineering, where I'm studying, is based in the town of Karlovassi in Samos.

Since I moved into the island, one of the first things I did was to find out if there were any people around interested in free & open source technologies. Luckily, there was this community called fossaegean, which pretty much stands for Free & Open Source Software Community of the University of the Aegean. However, it was not that active back then.

Let me tell you something: I'm not just passionate about free & open source software, I'm crazy about it. And I certainly enjoy spreading the word about things I value. That is why, together with other people, we decided to put some effort and bring the community back to life.

Over the last two academic years, we have organized more than fourteen (14) events (mostly workshops and presentations). For this academic year we had set a goal of ten (10) events, and within three (3) months we are already past seven (7). This probably makes us one of the most (if not the most) active tech-related student communities in our university.

During our "Intro to HTML" workshop (photo by Zacharias Mitzelos, CC BY-NC-ND).

Some of our very recent activities include: Intros to HTML & CSS (part of our web dev series of workshops), a Fedora 23 Release Party, an Arduino workshop and not-to-forget those great OpenBBQs. For more info regarding our Events, you can have a look at this page in our wiki. Where do all these take place? Thankfully, we have our own space provided by the university. A soon-to-be fully-equiped hackerspace I would say!

Greek Fedora contributors, alongside people from our community, during FOSSCOMM 2015 (photo by Zacharias Mitzelos, CC BY-NC-ND).

What could you expect in the near future? Plenty of workshops, for sure. We have some interesting topics, including Android, Arduino, BASH, Bitcoin, Fedora, Firefox OS, JavaScript, Jekyll, Ruby/Ruby on Rails and many more. But it's not just about the workshops; our goal is to bring students together and do stuff. There are quite a few projects we have in mind and I really can't wait to share more details with you.

Our people are the ones that make things possible and keep the space running. A big shoutout to Christos Sotirelis, George Makrakis, Vicky Tsima, Zacharias Mitzelos and many more, who currently act as the backbone of our community.

Exciting times ahead, wish us the best of luck! :)