TuxCon 2015 - Event Report

To me, this summer has been all about FOSS. Between 11-12 July there was TuxCon 2015 held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I had participated there as a speaker with a talk about Firefox OS, and now I have finally found some time to blog about my experience.

I had initially met Leon Anavi, one of the main organizers of TuxCon, last February at the Mozilla booth during FOSDEM in Brussels. Leon is a fellow FOSS advocate and developer from Bulgaria. We kept in contact and when I was informed about this year's TuxCon I was more than happy to participate.

My talk was titled "Firefox OS - Be The Future". Slides can be found here, available under CC BY-SA. Needless to say that it was a full house :)

I basically started with an introduction to Mozilla, explaining our core values and our vision for the open web; then I mentioned a few of our other open products besides the Firefox browser. I moved on to the main topic which was Firefox OS, where I started from the very basics. I spoke about the cause behind it, our partners, proceeding to things that are going under the hood such as the OS architecture and how open web apps work. In the end, I briefly mentioned the main types of target devices and provided some insight into how someone can try Firefox OS out these days.

Like always, the Mozilla swag proved to be quite popular. There were plenty of stickers, buttons and bracelets given away to the attendees. In the end of the first day we held a drawing and there was one lucky winner who won a Firefox t-shirt.

All in all, the conference was a success. I'm glad to see more and more communities around the Balkans area making such a good progress. More photos from the event have been posted on their facebook page.

Thank you Leon, Vladimir and everyone else at TuxCon. Thank you for the hospitality. I wish you all the best with your future activities :)