OSCAL 2015 - Event Report

I've got three words: It Was Amazing! Congratulations to the organizers and the volunteers who put it all together. I'm so happy that I was once again part of it.

The conference was held between 9-10 May 2015 in the “Freedom Building” of the University of Tirana, in Albania. It was packed with several international speakers and also local experts who all share the idea that software should be free and open for the local community and governments to develop and customize to its needs; that knowledge is a communal property and free and open to everyone.

Representing the Fedora Project on main stage (photo by Andis Rado, CC BY-NC-SA)

I represented the Fedora Project with one talk and one workshop. My talk titled "The Fedora Community & Why You Should Join it", apart from introducing everyone to the project and to the software, was to make an open call for participation for contributors from Albania. On the second day, during my workshop titled "Fedora in Education - Yes We Can!" I spoke about how it would be possible for a GNU/Linux distribution like Fedora to be adopted in an education system; I also spoke about the Fedora Remixes and how to create a custom Fedora Remix targeting education.

Fortunately, I was not the only Fedora guy at the conference. I was joined by Ardian Haxha, a fellow ambassador from Kosova and also by Jona Azizaj, our new contributor from Albania who's excited in spreading the word about Fedora around her region. Ardian run a workshop titled "Fedora Spin and Cyber Security for Beginners" and Jona run an "Introduction to Fedora" workshop.

Ardian Haxha during the Fedora Security Spin workshop (photo by Andis Rado, CC BY-NC-SA)

We also had a great Fedora booth, which this time was also staffed by local members of the Open Labs community who wanted to help promote our project; thank you fellas! We were extremely lucky that the Fedora media and swag we had ordered arrived one day prior the conference, although I had already brought some reserves with me. And we had also printed a Fedora roll-up banner locally in Albania which was a nice asset to the booth; it was actually more cost-efficient than having to bring one with me from Greece, and was a good thing for the new Albanian community to be used in their future events.

I'm glad there's continued interest in our software and our project around that region. It's exciting our project is expanding, and it will be even more exciting to see sq.fedoracommunity.org coming up soon. Stay tuned, because more stuff is about to start happening.

Thank you Open Labs, and everyone who made this year's OSCAL possible! I wish you all the best with your future activities!