Fedora Weekend Greece - Event Report

Hey all! Time to post a wrap-up event report for Fedora Weekend Greece held between 17-18 October at the Athens hackerspace (hsgr). It was a weekend filled with workshops and presentations related to our favorite distro.

The event kicked off with a presentation by Zacharias Mitzelos (mitzie) regarding the latest Fedora Project status updates. Zacharias explained Fedora.next, the planning for the next decade of the Fedora Project and the upcoming changes to the structure of the final Fedora products, along with the latest features coming in Fedora 21 this December. We also discussed about the Fedora Council proposal, the new governance model for the Fedora Project which has been approved by the existing Fedora Board and will soon go in effect.

During the localization hackfest (Christos Bacharakis, CC BY-NC-SA)

Then Nikos Roussos (comzeradd) took over and presented DevAssistant, the tool which helps developers set up their preferred development environment and publish code; he then presented the Cockpit Management console, the tool for system management that will start shipping with the Fedora Server Product. Later on, Evaggelos Balaskas (ebal) gave us some interesting insight into Linux virtualization with kvm/qemu. We had a short change on the schedule eventually; in the end of the day, Nikos again along with Achilleas Pipinelis (axil) run the packaging workshop.

The 2nd day begun with a 3d printing workshop by Pierros Papadeas (liknus) on a recently built Prussa i3 RepRap 3d printer. I was impressed to see how one can create his own 3d models on OpenSCAD, simply by writing code. We also saw Octoprint in use, the web interface for remote 3d printer management. Then Nikos carried on with an introduction to Docker, going through the installation and showing how to manage containers. After that, it was my turn to make a short talk about Fedora Remixes and show how to build your own fedora remix simply by writing a basic kickstart file, a very simple procedure. After our break we moved on with a localization hackfest.

Pierros running the 3d printing workshop (Christos Bacharakis, CC BY-NC-SA)

All in all, it was a very nice event which brought the Greek community together to discuss stuff evolving around our project, exchange ideas and get stuff done. Looking forward to similar initiatives (and from other fedora communities as well) in the future! :)