Software Freedom Kosova 2014 - 2 days to go!

I haven't fully recovered from traveling back from Athens for the Fedora Weekend Greece (event report to follow up soon), yet there is another free/open source software-related event I will be participating at: it's Software Freedom Kosova 2014, which will be held between 24-26 October in Kosovo.

Mozilla is going to be present at this conference. Like always, we're going to set up a very-nice booth specialized in Firefox OS, where we will be doing hands-on Firefox OS representations, engaging with the public, promoting the mozilla mission, providing user support, etc. If you are attending SFK '14, be sure to come over at the mozilla booth; we will be having Keons, a Flatfish tablet, a Flame and also an APC Rock board running Firefox OS for you to test and play with. And of course we will be giving away some very cool mozilla swag to everyone attending. :D

During the conference I will be delivering a talk titled "Firefox OS - Unleash the Future" where I'llĀ  begin with a short introduction to the Mozilla mission, then start exploring Firefox OS itself, it's architecture, new features and devices, but more importantly I'll explain how mobile developers, mobile operators/manufacturers and the end users can benefit. We'll be also hosting a web app development workshop where we will develop simple web apps for Firefox OS, by writing some basic HTML5, CSS and JavaScript code and using Firefox's innovative developer tools.

The Mozilla Swag arrived finally today (phew!) and tomorrow I will be traveling to Tirana, Albania where I will meet again with local Mozillian friends. We will be then traveling together to Pristina, Kosovo by bus.

See you at the conference :D