OSCAL 2014 - Event Report

Last week I had the chance to visit Tirana, Albania for the 1st time in order to attend Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL 2014) as a speaker. The conference was held during 03-04/May/2014 in the "Freedom Building" of the University of Tirana and gathered a lot of people interested in free & open source technologies.

Of course, the Fedora Project could not be missing from such an event. Along with soon-to-be Fedora contributors Florian Tani and Klajd Saliko from Albania, we set up a very nice Fedora booth, where we communicated with a lot of people and answered generic and detailed/technical questions about Fedora. During the conference we handed over completely all Fedora DVDs, pins, stickers, etc. that we were supplied with. Fellow Fedora Ambassadors Gent Thaçi and Ardian Haxha from Kosovo were also around and I was glad to have met them.

Talking about the Four Foundations (CC BY-NC-SA)

On the 1st day of the conference I gave a 30-minute talk about Fedora. I actually had my two proposed talks merged together, so during the first part of the presentation, I made an introduction to the Fedora Project in general and during the second part I presented almost every single way of joining the Fedora Community and made an open call for participation for contributors from Albania. The same day and just after my presentation, Florian Tani also held a Fedora rpm packaging workshop in Albanian.

On the 2nd day, I held an installation workshop and I can tell you that it was not another common, boring one; I went through the process of installing Fedora in a very funny and enjoyable way. In the end, I could notice the people's excitement about having participated in that workshop. Those who were present in my workshop know what I'm talking about ;) Needless to say that the workshop room ended up being almost full of people. I was very satisfied.

Running the Fedora installation workshop (CC BY-NC-SA)

In general I was very glad to be part of this conference. It was a successful one and the Fedora Project was big part of it. It was also a very good experience for me, since I had the chance to meet a lot of cool people there and enjoy the Albanian hospitality. Many thanks to everyone who made #oscal2014 possible, especially the people behind Open Labs who are doing a great job in promoting Free & Open Source Software in Albania. I hope to see you guys again soon! :)