Google Code-In and KDE

Google Code-In is a contest for young students (13-17 years old) with the aim of encouraging young people to participate in open source. More than 500 students have been contributing to various open source projects. Sounds great! I've been contributing to many open source communities since 2009 to be precise, but I couldn't miss such a chance to participate in the contest.

KDE is one of the organizations that were chosen to participate in the contest. So far, I've completed two tasks for KDE:

But, it doesn't end here. I'm still going to complete more KDE tasks during the contest and I'm actually willing to become a permanent and active contributor (localization, promotion, bugs) even after the contest.

If you are a student and you are already participating in Google Code-In, you may go ahead and claim KDE tasks. From my personal experience I can tell you that KDE mentors have been doing a great job; they are always available to help, their response is quick and they have been always professional. If you are a pre-university student and you are willing to complete KDE tasks but you haven't registered for Google Code-In yet, do not worry; you may signup for the contest and take a look at the available tasks (use the tag "KDE" at the field named "Organization" in order to view KDE-specific tasks). There are 18 days left for the end of the contest, so hurry up a bit.

To summarize, working with KDE developers and contributors has been a very pleasant experience and I will be looking forward to join them in the future. And that's one of the contest's values: bringing people closer and working together as a part of a team.