Google Code-In 2010 - Recap

Hey there!

I am really sorry for not posting lately. You see, I am really busy with my studies in the highschool, so this has kept me away from poting in my blog. Although Google Code-In 2010 is over since a few months, I would still like to make a small post about what I did there and why I enjoyed it so much.

Google Code-In was an open source contest for young students, ranging from 13 to 18 years old. A lot of open source projects had participated in the contest and there were a lot of tasks the students could choose to complete. I personally worked with the following projects and successfully completed tasks for them:

Generally I completed 18 tasks in total, earning 31 points and being the 30th Student in the ranking page, out of the 361 students in total. I would certainly have completed more tasks If I had the time, but that doesn't mean I can't contribute to these projects in my free time. So, I am still going to contribute as much as I can when I have time, and I will keep contact with these people that helped me and guided to complete these tasks.

In March, I also received some presents from Google for my participation, but I am sure the experience I gained through all these is higher and more valuable. That's why I am hoping that Google will organise again such a contest for young students... and I really can't wait for that! During the contest, it was great to just check your mailbox to find out that your task was accepted.

Greetings! And See you next year I hope ;-)